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The Structure and Design of InTeLyze


Interactive education in technical analysis with advanced structure. Read More : DITEC Software


InTeLyze; Representing an Advanced Educational Structure

InTeLyze combines advanced learning psychology, extensive linguistic design with brain's natural learning process enabling the user to learn an enormous amount of education easier and faster than ever experienced. This is a comprehensive educational masterwork that takes all aspects of learning, personal preferences into calculation and surpasses, by any standard, the highest requirements for any educational material in every aspect, while satisfying the users' highest expectation when learning Technical Analysis. This unique interactive education:

  • provides a wide range of education in technical analysis
  • presents an impressive amount of information in an easy form to understand
  • contains so much information to be useful for advanced investors as well as beginners
  • easily creates the greatest retention of the subject over the shortest possible time
  • offers complete self-paced learning to ensure everyone's personal preferences
  • makes the subject interesting and learning desirable.

Multi directional Learning

Our brain uses a multi directional learning process. The traditional "uni-directional" education, during which one is forced to study a book from one page to the next, is simply not in line with our learning process. Our brain functions in many directions and processes information as needed.

In order to accommodate this natural process, InTeLyze is designed to operate on multilayer navigation, offering access to all parts of the educational material at all time. By design InTeLyze provides the required information when user needs it. The multi-layer navigational function prevents the delay (which may cause disruption in concentration) and speeds up the learning process and retention.

No Repetitive Interactivity

Many educational material such as books, videos, audio recordings, etc. contain repetitive material where the writer or narrator is either repetitive or engaged in irrelevant explanations.

InTeLyze is straight forward, concentrates only on subject without repetition. This objective follows all through the course and provides several fundamental and crucial requirements for speedy learning and high retention level:

  • Larger amount of information is provided during short concentration intervals
  • User does not get board
  • the flow of information remains unchanged without swings helping longer concentration periods can speed up their learning process
  • Users have an actual possibility to learn at their own pace and repeat any part as needed

Advanced Linguistic Structure

One of the most important elements in InTeLyze is it's advanced linguistic structure.

The entire course is using only 2000 words common in everyone's active vocabulary. It is easy to understand and follow the narrator and learning process speeds up. User can concentrate on subject instead of dividing the concentration on both language and subject.

A complicated language affects the learning process negatively and sometimes brings the whole process to a halt. Many writers, speakers and teachers assume using difficult words is a sign of literacy. It may be through, but the goal for educational communications is to educate the student and not prove literacy. Legal texts are a good example on complicated language and generally difficult to retain.

75%, 50%, 25% Retention Issue

Out retention of any education follows a downtrend in relation to time. Immediately after an educational session we at best remember not more than 75% of the material. Within 24 hours the retention is only 50% and after a week we remember only 25% of the material. The only way to increase the retention is training.

InTeLyze contains hundreds of tests and questions. These are practical examples on charts, stock movements, multi choice questions and also actual writing, where the answer is evaluated by algorithm in the software. These tests have two main objectives:

  • Provide immediate training to increase the retention level
  • Offer a self evaluation to the user for progress made

Several Senses & Your Pace

This commonly known that use of more senses speeds up the learning process. This is one of the most valuable properties of an interactive education.

By using hearing, sight, and touch at the same time, our brain receives greater stimulation and learns faster.

Additionally, access to the education at all time provides users with better possibility to start the learning when they have time or are more receptive.

Combination of a multi-layer navigation, faster and harmonized lessons, linguistic design, immediate training with ability to "actually" tailor your learning at your pace offers the most effective learning environment.

Educational Depth and Width

In order to make the course suited for everyone, InTeLyze has brought both the width and depth of technical analysis together.

It covers a wide spectrum of the subject while it continues deeper in each subject to advanced levels. This is achieved due to an extraordinary division of the course in 3 different sections and two axis.

InTeLyze is divided to beginners, intermediate and advanced sections while each one this sections gradually advance to the next.

This educational structure offers a fluent and harmonized learning, which prepares users to smoothly continue to the next level without finding the subject hard to absorb.

Intelyze creates a multi directional learning environment for the most effective eduction. Learn More.

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